Behind every unforgettable farewell message, there's our team:

Passionate, empathetic, and ready to preserve your legacy. We believe in the importance and power of farewells and our role in turning them into enduring legacies.

Our Team

Imagine a company whose sole purpose is to spread gratitude. Here is our team doing just that:
Janet Mackenzie
Our CEO and Chief Grateful Officer. A registered biologist by training and mother of two wonderful boys, Ronan and Oslo.
Colin Doylend
Teammate and husband to Janet, supporting our business. We built this service with our two boys in mind.
Our why...

Our Mission Is Derived By A Dedication To Two Special Mentors

This project is dedicated to the memories of two very special people, who in life provided us with invaluable mentorship, friendship, and guidance, and who, in their passing, inspired the ideas that led to the creation of this service. They are most certainly two of the people for whom we are most grateful.
Harry Wright
David Fushtey

Details Matter

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