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Unacceptable Use

Grateful Estate allows all types of content by default. Exceptions to this are listed below, and are explicitly forbidden from our services.
Illegal content and conduct - Anything which breaks the law will be immediately suspended.
Intellectual property infringement - Misuse of copyrighted or protected materials, unless referenced for fair use, will be immediately removed from our service.
Technologically harmful content - Users may not upload or link to malware, spyware, adware, or other malicious or destructive code on the Grateful Estate platform.
Impersonation - Seriously pretending to be someone else, without satire or parody.
Calls to violence - Content which directly threatens, incites, or promotes violence, physical harm, or death. This includes threats targeting individuals or groups, as well as other indiscriminate acts of violence.
Posting private information - Sharing someone’s personal information without their consent, including but not limited to home addresses, phone numbers, account passwords and credit card numbers.
Keep in mind that these are just guideline descriptions — and actual interpretations are solely up to us, on a case-by-case basis. These guidelines are not exhaustive and are subject to change.

Making a Report

If you believe Subscriber on Grateful Estate is violating these guidelines or our Terms of Service, please report it to We aim to promptly review and investigate all complaints that we receive, but if and how we respond will depend on a variety of factors, such as the information available to us and the type of violation. We may also contact the Subscriber to inform them of the complaint.
If we receive a complaint and aren’t in a position to make a determination (for example whether something is defamatory or not), we will defer to the judgment of a court. Please forward any legal process relating to a Subscriber on Grateful Estate to
Updated: January 24, 2021

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