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Lock in your legacy for less than your monthly Netflix subscription!!

Don't just leave an inheritance, leave a legacy that speaks volumes. At Grateful Estate, we believe in providing exceptional value through our comprehensive services. Understanding that our clients have diverse needs and preferences, we offer two straightforward and flexible pricing options.

Our Two Paid Plans (and one free plan for life!)

Both our paid plans are crafted to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service that Grateful Estate is known for. Whether you choose the flexibility of an annual subscription or the lifelong benefits of our Lifetime Plan, you are guaranteed access to our exclusive legacy video message services, dedicated support, and a commitment to excellence.
Annual Subscription Plan
Lock in your legacy for less than your monthly Netflix subscription!
Our annual subscription is designed for those who seek a year-to-year commitment, offering the flexibility to renew each year. Priced at $197 annually, this plan is perfect for those who are looking for short-term commitments with all the benefits of our full suite of services. It allows clients to enjoy the luxury of Grateful Estate's offerings without a long-term financial commitment.
Lifetime Plan
One payment, lifetime peace – a legacy deal you can't afford to miss!
For those who believe in long-term planning and wish to make a one-time investment, our Lifetime Plan is the ideal choice. At a one-time payment of $1,497, this plan offers uninterrupted access to all of Grateful Estate's services for life. It's a cost-effective option for clients who envision a long-term partnership with us, providing a lifetime of value, assurance, and top-tier service
Loved One's List Only (Free)
Providing peace of mind, knowing your loved ones can be easily informed in your absence.
Designed for administrators and caretakers handling your affairs, this feature ensures no one important is overlooked during significant life events or in times of need. This Service is absolutley free ($0.00), featuring an easy-to-use interface where you can effortlessly compile, update, and organize contact information, creating a comprehensive list accessible to designated individuals.

For more details and to choose the plan that best fits your needs, contact our customer care team.

Additional Plan Information:

  • Both paid plans include full access to the Grateful Estate video messaging and legacy platform with all current features.
  • Premium customer support with dedicated assistance.
  • The lifetime plan offers a cost-effective solution for long-term users.
  • Annual subscribers can upgrade to the lifetime plan at any time.
  • All payments are secure and handled through our encrypted billing system.
Looking for the Perfect Present for Your Loved Ones?

Gift a Grateful Estate Subscription

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to cherish the most important thing – time with our loved ones. Grateful Estate offers you a unique opportunity to give a gift that truly matters – a subscription to a service that enhances life's experiences.
For this, we work with your directly to create a custom gifting package you your and your Loved Ones.

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